About Us

Jade, a gemstone with a long history and profound symbolic meaning, has always been cherished by people all over the world. Jade collections are characterized by exquisite handcrafted jade jewelry and accessories. We use sterling silver and 18K gold to create unique designs, striving to create high-quality masterpieces that can be treasured by our customers across generations.

For centuries, jade has been regarded as a precious treasure in many cultures, known as the "Stone of Heaven." Our design inspiration is derived from the unique characteristics of jade, such as its beautiful translucent texture and variety of colors. We carefully select high-quality jade raw stones and meticulously design jewelry that represents purity and elegance.

Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted, showcasing the unparalleled charm of jade gemstones. From the vibrant jade green to the mysterious violet, each piece highlights the endless allure and profound symbolism of jade. We sincerely invites you to explore the timeless elegance and profound emotions of jade jewelry.